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Klinger 200 CAF Gasket Jointing Sheets

Good quality, suitable for most applications of steam, gas, water, alkalines and other non aggressive media under less demanding conditions. Composed of chrysotile asbestos fibre bonded with SBR.

Color Red / Brown
Max. Temperature* 400°C
Max. Pressure* 40 bar
Typical Specifications Indian Standard IS 2712 / 1998 : Gr. W/2
British BS 1832 Grade B
German DIN 375-4 IT 200
American ASTM F104-F112 750 M7
Typical Original
Properties (1.5mm)
Minimum tensile
strength (cross grain)
ASTM F152: 22 N/mm²
Specific gravity 1.95 gm/cm³
Compressibility ASTM F36A: 8%
Recovery ASTM F36A: 55%
Stress relaxation BS 1832: 26 N/mm²
Typical properties
after fluid immersion
(1.5mm) -
Thickness increase
ASTM Oil 3 5 hours at 150°C: 30%
ASTM Fuel A 5 hours at 20°C: 5-20%
ASTM Fuel B 5 hours at 23°C: 20%

*Note: Maximum temperature and pressure capabilities do not necessarily operate together for all gasket thickness and service conditions.

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